About Me

I am the wife of a fallen pastor who was removed from his church for breaking the seventh commandment… with me.

My name is Allison Carroll and I am a sinner. I am an adulterer. I am a woman who slept with a man who was not only my pastor but my best friend’s husband. I am a sinner, an adulterer and a terrible friend but thankfully, despite it all, I am also forgiven. That’s right. I am forgiven. Just like every other child of God. We are all born sinners. We all commit sin. And we all can be forgiven if our hearts are right with God.

I am probably a lot like you. If not you, then maybe like your wife or your mother. Your daughter or granddaughter. Someone that you know very well. I am a lot of things, good and bad. But the most important thing I am is a believer in Christ Jesus; He loved me more than He loved Himself. He died for me.

Outside of my blog I am a full time Medical Laboratory Technologist.  I am a wife to Ray Carroll, Author of “Fallen Pastor, Finding Restoration in a Broken World“.  I am also a full time mom to my daughter Leslie and a step-mom to Abigail and Katie.


I am telling my story to hopefully help anyone who has found themselves either in the same situation so that I can lend them support and they can see they are not alone OR to those who may be heading to the place where I have been.  I hope to paint a clear picture of the damage that their potential sin might do.  And I hope to deter them from going there at all.

Thank you for visiting my page and my blog.  It is through God’s forgiveness, grace and mercy that I am able to share with you.  If you are someone in need of someone to listen, I am here.  If you know someone who needs some support, I am here.

My husband also has a ministry for fallen men and he would be happy to help if you need to talk to him.  We both network with several other people and there is a good chance we can find just the right help for you.




4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow ‘ love your honesty, too many people hide there imperfection and mistakes, so when other make a mistake they feel like something is wrong with them. We need more people like you in this world to be real and thats what helps people not hiding there mistakes and pretending there perfect. I admire your honesty very brave and shows your not thinking of yourself but your thinking of those you can help. May God continue to bless you and your family

  2. To God be the glory who in his infinite mercy restored you. your story is also a very big lessohn to whoever cares in that we should not take anyboedy for granted.

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